Surgical Tech Salary Pay Considerations | Let's Talk Surgical Tech Salary Pay (2023)


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Hey, you guys so scar on everybody, I hope, everyone is going.

Well today, what's up, y'all it's, me careful welcome to my channel.


Welcome back to my subscribers what's going on.


Welcome to all.

My subscribers, I.

Hope, you enjoy the content and yeah, let's just hop right into it I'm, trying you guys.

So a few weeks ago, I made a couple videos about surgical pain and surgical play how to find a job I on that stuff.

And so I wanted to talk and talk about that a little bit more really the surgical tape page and what's to consider when you're lying looking for a job or things like that, like what you should be thinking about when you're thinking about the money part of it all right.

So first thing that you need to think about.

And this is not really in a particular order.

This is just, you know, some tips that I figured people don't, really consider, because it tends to get overlooked when you're looking for a job in general.

But the first thing that I would consider you guys is the childcare part of it, like if you're a single parent, or if you're a parent in general, like if you need help with watching your kids and things like that, you need to be mindful how that plays out and your finances.

Because if you look, if you go to work and you wanna make mi-17 $18 an hour, you gotta pay somebody to watch your kids that you know, plays a role in the the bottom line like how much money you gonna be bringing home so be mindful of like your home responsibilities.

So don't just be like, oh, yeah, you know, I want a job because I fami, you know, $20 an hour, whatever.

And you kind of find out, you got the word be to work at 6:25, but you got to take your kids to before care and aftercare.

So that kind of takes into those 20 dollars.

Okay, also be mindful of the location like if you got to drive for our work, you need to think about gas and how much time you're gonna spend traveling to and from that facility.

So when you are day 7 in a job or considering the job, or even you know, really considering a job or about a certain job when you're talking and pay make sure you take all these things into consideration.

So you can factor in there and into your negotiation process.

And so another thing that you need to be mindful of is if you are going to be able to get benefits or not.

And if you are going to get benefits, what kind of benefits will you be able to get are you gonna get like benefits for education? So you can go back to school, are you going to get benefits for to which not to issue embarrassment, but child care reimbursement because some employees, if you child care, reimbursement, 401ks, that's, a big deal to a lot of people.

And then the fact that some of these companies match you up to a certain percent.

So like if you sign up for a 401k and I'm at others to anybody if you at a company and they have a 401k, you should you should definitely sign up for, and you should definitely put the amount in that the company matches.

So if they only met you at the semi eight percent and just put the seven or eight percent in there, and you know let that be - but some companies that they don't offer you a 401k that might be something that you have to think about like, okay.

So they don't have a retirement plan for me.

What can I do to get a retirement plan for myself? You know, do I have to come out on my own investment options and things like that.

And then I thought it was like back to the Bennett world, we're still on the benefits.

But as far as health care goes was type of benefits.

Do you receive if you have to go to the hospital like I? Do you have a high copay? And you know, all these things come into play when you are working for somebody and you're considering giving them your time like you don't want to go work for somebody and you're, not getting the best that you need like let's just say, if you you might not need unless so so to you, it doesn't really matter if you work for someone that has the for one care that has all of these things or benefits that might not matter if you're just on your grind that you got like a short term plan, where you kind of like I'm, just gonna be here for a little bit of time.


So it's, not gonna matter to me whether or not I have benefits or not.

But if you're trying to work at a facility for a long period of time, you need to look at the food that their benefits and make sure that their benefits work with you and your lifestyle.

Also, what I would consider is? Alright, or as the recruiter, or whoever is the range like, how does how do you get a raise like? Do you have to work at a place where a certain amount of days you have to put in a certain amount of hours before you get certain benefits, I know, it one company one that I interviewed at recently.

They give bonuses even so that PRN staff.

But they give you bonuses based off of how many hours you work.

And so if you work a lot of hours, they give you benefit, or they give you a higher bonus.

So, but you get up on this parson here and that's good.

Because what I've learned recently is there a lot of places or some places don't even get like acknowledge their parents - it's kind of like, you know, they just take them.

And then they don't really have any are they don't have any benefits? I guess PRNG won't get any bonuses.

You won't get any like anything that'll help you excel within that company.

You don't get that because you're PRA, and that could be a good thing in a bad day.

I'm, just saying, like if I was an employer, I'd, be personally I would offer benefits to everybody.

Because if you weren't like, if you got him working for you, would they work harder and they'll do better take care better performances when they have better incentives.

And so I know, some places like one of them, they were even offering like you get a certain amount of pay or some like some kind of bonus if you're in there like health program.

And so if you're going to the gym and all those things, and you get a bonus for that.

And so I thought that was really cool because I mean, I, don't work out every day at a gym I, try to do stuff at home because I my life is, you know, I have to be at home I'm signing.

So so it needs to be convenient for me, but I just think that's, pretty cool and I wanted a place I'd do work that we get a gym membership and I like it like it I hope them.

You don't get a gym membership, but I do.

And so it is next to the facility that I'll be that I work at.

And so I would just throw their own.

If I don't have any client or cases that day I will go there in the morning and then I will go to work because well, hon, okay, we can come in.

Whenever really we want to.

And so I would I thought that was coming cool, I hadn't had that before.

But who is sees me in the future? What I'll be looking for is like a facility that either has a gym membership, or they give some type of incentive for health care life or not for health care.

But for for you to work, you know, workout and things like that and might be it's like a health program.

I guess, it's what you would call it.

Another thing that you need to consider when you are working for someone is the potential to grow, but if you don't or not working for someone, but when you negotiate your pain is the potential to grow like, if you finna be stuck in the same position and that's really gonna be it.

Then you need to think about.

Okay, I'm asked for I would ask for more just.

So when they if you end up negotiating with them, if y'all end up coming, if they come down, and you add some more, then maybe they'll come down.

So the price range that you're more comfortable with, but if you start and that range that you want, and then they go down, you're gonna end up at a lower place than what you want to be here.

So I always start higher and then come down.

And like I said, when you get to these places most times, you won't really be getting no big, raise for a couple months or a couple years.

So I was definitely trying to take advantage of the situation before I accepted an offer like I would definitely try to ask for as much as I can because once you are in there, like they are that's it like you just don't, get paid that amount until you get a raise.

And then your raise might not be like a dollar, you know, like your raise might be ten - 15 cents.

So when you inserting these jobs think about that, and then also to think about when you like interviewing is when you're going, and you talk to the people and they sound like you're gonna be on Kong Island since I think about what that's gonna do with your home life like I was saying earlier, yeah, with the kids.

But if you have to work for someone and let's just say, you don't have no kids, and you have the works or somewhere, you always on call like that's, a big deal for you to always be on call, right, even though you're gonna get paid and things like that just be mindful that being at work.

All the time it's, not the best way to make the most money like if you're gonna be at work, all the time you're gonna be cranky some days, you know, I feeling get enough sleep and stuff like that.

So I would just be mindful of exactly where I'm being active and just trying to be trying to think through it I cannot really do this and think of it like how.

And how long am I gonna be doing is.

So if you won't be there forever, then think okay, give yourself five years.

And five years do I see myself still being like I would think about the long term.

So you were actually working toward something instead of just working and not really having a goal.

You know, I'm saying.

So these are these tips are like in a specific order, I know, it might seem like it's all over the place, but I just wanted to come and give you a little more like like elaborate a little bit more on your surgical take and negotiate.

And that is, you know, like, and this could be used for anything.

And unless it had to be for certain content.

So descent, I have so many surgical tears, you know, follow me and it's, mostly starting to take videos that I put out I figured that it would be beneficial to cater it's, a surgical case.

But you know, just think about what I'm saying you guys think about everything that I just told you before you, except the job this.

This is before you take the job because once you have taken the job it's different now, like you can't, come back and be like, hey, you guys I decided that I work so hard and I want my money, no.

But before you accept the job just really think through the whole like how long are you gonna be in traffic for like one of the places that I Drive I'm in traffic about a good 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and there's only about 20 minutes away from me.

And so I have to take that into consideration the gas, the drive over there, the drive back who's gonna, you know, take care of my son, who's gonna I gonna be just him I'm picking him up.

You know, I hadn't think about all those things.

And then if I was to take her like would the just like would that be beneficial to me to actually take off, or would it be more stressful? Because I gotta find somebody to take to take care of my son while I'm with my car like which one is more beneficial to me in my life and I'd like to me to call it my quality of life.

The best part of their life of me, I should say is being a like a great mom like working is cool having money is a necessity, but being a mom like my son and like being able to kind of share and do stuff for him that's just way cooler to me than any job.

But you know, yeah, it's.

So invite you guys, if you have any more questions, I might do another video or surgical tape, a because I always get this question, it's, almost like I, didn't, make videos, I thought, it's already.

So I think I just need to make smaller videos and break it down a little bit more because I'm getting the same questions that I've answered, but I think it's because the other videos are so long that maybe people aren't watching the whole video to see what part I'm talking about and that's fine.

So I'll just make another couple of other videos to talk about the pay and light the specifications.

What I'm talking about in this video is kind of bright, oh and - what you want to think about is where you're at a lot of people don't realize that the location plays a part and it does it plays a huge part.

It plays a part within my I'm, a Florida, North, Florida and South Florida don't, get paid the same amount or as North Florida and Tampa don't, get paid like it's close, but it's, not the exact same so be mindful in locators of the location like even being in the south versus being in the Midwest it's.

A difference of hey, the intense isn't in Florida it's, a different page, it's, a different pay from California to West Virginia like it's, just different everywhere.

So you can't really just say, hey, you guys, this is how much surgical taste make.

And this is the you know salary range like that doesn't that's, not realistic.

You turn.

So anyways, you guys that's all I got for this video I will catch y'all on another video.

Remember if nobody else told you I have so much love for you so I always see, ya next time, I hope, everyone have a wonderful day and yeah, I'll see you later, bye, you guys.


Surgical Tech Salary Pay Considerations | Let's Talk Surgical Tech Salary Pay? ›

The median annual wage for surgical technicians was $48,530 in May 2021. The lowest 10% earned less than $36,930, and the highest 10% earned more than $75,940, which denotes an above average earning potential for those whose highest level of education is an associate degree program.

What states pay the most for surgical tech? ›

Highest paying cities for Surgical Technicians near United States
  • Indianapolis, IN. $58.98 per hour. 3.3k salaries reported.
  • New York, NY. $57.19 per hour. 805 salaries reported.
  • Cincinnati, OH. $57.08 per hour. 1.3k salaries reported.
  • Los Angeles, CA. $50.57 per hour. ...
  • Phoenix, AZ. $49.60 per hour. ...
  • Show more nearby cities.

What questions are asked in a surgical tech interview? ›

General surgical technician interview questions
  • How did you hear about this facility?
  • Why do you think you're the best candidate for this position?
  • What do you feel is the most important part of a surgical technician's job?
  • What's the most important skill for a surgical technician to have?
Feb 16, 2023

What is the highest degree for Surgical Tech? ›

Master's Degrees in Surgical Technology

In most cases, a student may apply for a master's program while still pursuing his or her bachelor's degree. Once admitted, master's program students can expect to take courses in a classroom setting and simulation skill center as well as partaking in a clinical study.

What is the highest non surgical salary? ›

Dermatologists have an average annual salary of $394,000 per year and work an average of 45 hours per week, averaging $175 per hour. Dermatology is currently ranked #1 on the MSI competitiveness index as it is known to have a great lifestyle, and is the only specialty in the top 5 that is non-surgical.

How much does a certified surgical technologist earn in USA? ›

The average Surgical Technician salary in the United States is $50,900 as of June 26, 2023, but the range typically falls between $45,800 and $56,300.

Where do most surgical techs work? ›

Work environment

Surgical technologists work in hospital operating rooms, outpatient centers, and doctors' offices. They spend much of their working day in the operating room, preparing for, assisting with, and cleaning up after surgeries.

How much does a surgical attending earn in the US? ›

Attending Surgeon Salary in the United States. How much does an Attending Surgeon make in the United States? The salary range for an Attending Surgeon job is from $232,795 to $339,951 per year in the United States.

What's the most important skill for a surgical technician to have? ›

Perhaps one of the most important skills you can have as a surgical technologist is the ability to listen and follow directions. Surgery is a life-or-death situation, and communication is essential in the operating room. One misunderstanding or misinterpretation in the operating room can have dire consequences.

What's hard about being a surgical tech? ›

Physical stamina and endurance: You'll also need to develop your physical stamina and endurance. Surgical techs spend long hours on their feet, staying alert in ever-changing situations. This skill is vital so that you can also act quickly and accurately.

What do you say in Tell me about yourself? ›

Your answer to the "tell me about yourself" question should describe your current situation, your past job experience, the reason you're a good fit for the role, and how you align with the company values. Tell the interviewer about your current position and a recent big accomplishment or positive feedback you received.

What is a typical day for a surgical tech? ›

Review count of sponges, needles and other materials prior to surgery's end. Apply bandages to patient and assist in transporting them from operating room. Remove tools and surgical instruments for sterilization. Prepare and clean the operating room for next surgery.

What is the role of the second scrub? ›

Additional Duties: The surgical technologist in the second scrub role assists the surgeon and/or surgical assistant during the operative procedure by carrying out tasks including sponging, suctioning, cutting suture, holding retractors and manipulating the endoscopic camera.

What is the difference between surgical tech and surgical assistant? ›

While similar, the surgical technologist and surgical first assistant are two distinct roles. A surgical technologist is responsible for surgical instrumentation, management of the sterile field, and preparation of the operating room. A surgical first assistant is more focused on assisting the surgeon during surgery.

Which Surgical Tech specialty makes the most money? ›

High Paying Surgical Tech Jobs
  • Surgical Neurophysiologist. Salary range: $84,000-$276,000 per year. ...
  • Cardiovascular Surgical Tech. Salary range: $100,000-$151,500 per year. ...
  • Cardiovascular Operating Room Technician. ...
  • CST. ...
  • Scrub Technician. ...
  • Operating Room Technician. ...
  • Surgical Scrub Technician. ...
  • OB Scrub Tech.

How much does a surgery tech make in NC? ›

The average salary for a surgical technologist in North Carolina is $43,000 per year.

Is Surgical Tech better than LPN? ›

Surgical tech disadvantages include less variety in duties and more limited choice of work settings. Overall, surgical techs earn a bit more than LPNs, and yet, their salaries differ by employer and geographic location making comparisons more nuanced.

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