Lawsuit DAY 146: Scotty🧸 VS. DHL US & Pack and Ship Express #ElPaso (2023)


Lawsuit Update: Scotty VS. Pack and Ship Express in #El Paso and #DHLEpress. Day 145 We have now been notified by DHL that we now owe a fee for Abandonment Bureau of Customs that we don't owe. Bureau of Customs Philippines sends us an email 26 August 2021 informing us of the REAL reason was DHL's failure to file the goods declaration a scam by BOC to first time importers.

This is to the Reddit thread:

This is the email we sent to DHL and Pack and Ship Express:

For the benefit of the court WE HAVE MORE TRUTH TO EXPOSE. We have been notified about "Abandonment" fees. Our Package has placed in "Abandonment" because of DHL Express representative failure to file goods declaration as stated by: Bureau of Customs our proof is below. I'm sure after reading this email DHL will do the right thing and cover these fees.

We would like to point to Statement from Andrew Macapos (DHL) - emailed Date: May 11, 2021
Note: Goods declaration must be lodged within fifteen (15) days from the date of arrival. The period to file the goods declaration may, upon request, be extended on valid grounds for another fifteen (15) days: provided, That the request is made before the expiration of the original period within which to file the goods declaration.

NOW OUR PROOF WHY THIS IS DHL's FAULT : Bureau of Customs sends us an email (attached to this email) 26 August 2021 *3 months later.

"The assigned DHL Express representative informed us of the reason for their failure to file the goods declaration was due to the reason that your shipment is categorized under High Value Shipment which has to be processed for release thru formal Entry".

THIS CLEARLY POINTS TO DHL's Incompetents to deliver my package and why you will lose in court in 2 weeks. WE HAVE DONE EVERYTHING REQUIRED! DHL and Pack and Ship Express have done nothing but lie and give excuse.

If I was Pack and Ship Express I would sue DHL too for damages.

Recorded with


How you doing scotty bear back from the dentist, uh, dealing with my breached apex to report on day, 146, the package is still undelivered, and the hilarity definitely continues.

Uh, I'm gonna go over what happened.

Uh, dhl sends us a request for abandoned package fee.

Now, uh.

And uh, we responded, you know, it's really like either they're this stupid or they're faking it honestly, because this is so easy, um, it's.

Unbelievable I'm gonna point to the email which uh, we responded to their abandoned package fee.

Now, uh, I mean, they're, they they must be making this up because, uh as you'll see in this email, I certainly would not want to walk in the court with this amount of evidence against me for the benefit of the court.

We have more truth to expose that is correct.


The court is being cc'd on these emails.

Joshua the incompetent attorney for dhl.

I mean, really he is like sending these stupid emails like it's all it's, not dhl's fault.

Oh, it is dhl's fault.

We have been notified about abandoned abandonment fees.

Our packages place, an abandonment because of dhl express representative failure to file goods, decoration as stated by the bureau of customs.

Our proof is below that is correct.

Uh, we have some uh emails, of course, like I said, it is almost silly that these people argue this, the incompetence is off the charts.

I mean, it really is these people are downright stupid and it's incredible that this has gone this far.

So I I I gave them some proof from the emails.

You know, I try to always try to make these emails, very short and simple, um.

And I also put in here, I'm sure after reading this email, dhl will do the right thing and cover these fees, which I believe they're going to honestly, they need to get this package delivered before going to court.

Otherwise they're in deep doggy do I would not want to go to court with the amount of evidence we have on on how um, frankly, stupid.

These people really are, uh.

We would like to point to statement from andrew.

This is a dhl rep in, um, the philippines dated may 11.


How long we've been dealing with this before summer note, goods, decoration must be logged within 15 days from the date of arrival.

This period to file the goods.

Decoration may upon request be extended for valid.


I love these people.

They they're they're just nuts.

Honestly, valid grounds.

We got more than valid grounds here so extended on ballot grounds or another 15 days, uh, provided, uh and I'll.

Stop ringing there because this is we just put those statement in there.

We pulled it out of the email that they sent to us.

You know, uh.

And this is our proof right here.

Now, our proof why dhl is at fault, the bureau customs the bureau of customs has seen my, uh, you know, videos, uh, many people have seen these videos and uh, we have got lots of emails, even from other attorneys that are suing dhl for very shady business practices, actually, don't believe that this is a 55 billion dollar global international shipping company.

These guys are nothing short of complete scammers there's, not a joke.

So, um, this is the email I attached.

This is from the bureau of customs right here.

The assigned dhl express representative, I wonder if that's andrew informed us of the reason for their failure to file the goods.

Decoration was due the reason your shipment is categories categorized under high value shipment, which has to be processed for release or formal entry.

Wow, that's damning.

I mean, and and you know, uh, dhl tries to, um, like I said, send the court like, oh, oh they've done this and their timeline, which is completely false.

I have no nothing short of maybe 30 or 40 emails of lies excuses.

Fake investigations.

I mean, really, this is nothing short of a complete circus.

So, uh, this clearly points to dhl's incompetence to deliver my package and why you will lose in court in two weeks.

The hearing is in about two weeks.

We have done everything required dhl and pack and ship express have done nothing, but lie and give excuses.

If I was packing ship express, I would sue dhl for damages.

I would if I was the company that took my money and uh tried to make up all these excuses and reasons because we have excuses from, uh, packing ship express then going on the the package is on final clearance.

I mean, even the guy over there jess.

I mean, complete incompetent, you know full.

I mean, really because this is not my fault.

I paid 520.

They weighed my package.

They measured my package and go.

We will deliver it.

You know, may 17th or whatever the date was and now we're we're pushing october that is fully, uh, you know, not exaggeration.

This has been outrageous.

So this is the email that we got from, uh, the, uh, you know, bureau of customs showing that, uh, you know, the I don't know what they're thinking when they're sending these emails like we're idiots or something.

I mean, honestly, and it was always in this situation here.

I mean, we are blogging about this situation.

I mean, we're posting it everywhere, uh to help other people that are dealing with dhl.

There are many people dealing with dhl dhl.

It has a ridiculously bad reputation online and uh, if you're dealing with this situation, I highly recommend taking this matter to court, uh to get results from these people, because they make a point to shield themself from giving people support and help.


I hope you enjoyed this video, uh, I am feeling pretty good back from the dentist making another video coming up.

Shortly about that have a wonderful wednesday afternoon.

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