Fury over Just Stop Oil's plans to ruin our summer holidays (2024)

'Selfish' Just Stop Oil protesters planning to destroy our summer holidays by wreaking havoc at airports across Britain and Europe are 'shooting' themselves in the foot.

The Mail on Sunday exclusively revealed in March the eco-zealots want to cause misery to families hoping to jet away for a sun-soaked break by gluing themselves to runways, climbing on planes and storming airport terminals.

Now MPs and travel experts have reacted with fury to the activists' summer plot labelling it a 'blunt instrument', 'selfish', 'dangerous', and say the group is 'shooting itself in the foot'.

Home Secretary James Cleverlycalled it 'unacceptable guerrilla tactics' and vowed that they 'must be stopped'.

It comes as the eco-clowns' pink-haired poster girl Phoebe Plummer told a JSO meeting about the 'radical, unignorable disruption' that could cause chaos to flights around the world.

Just Stop Oil activists are planning to wreak havoc at airports this summer and destroy our summer holidays (Pictured: Activists smeared orange paint on a private jet on June 6 last year at Sylt Aiport in Germany)

Phoebe Plummer (pictured left after throwing Heinz soup at Vincent van Gogh's painting Sunflowers) excitedly gushed about the summer plot during a recent JSO meeting

According to The Mirror, the 22-year-old was greeted to rapturous roars as she announced 'disruption on a scale that has never been seen before'.

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'It's time to wake up and get real – no summer holiday is more important than food security, housing and the lives of your loved ones,' she said.

'Flying is also a symbol of the gross wealth inequality that's plaguing our society and if we want to create change we need to adopt a more radical demand.'

The prolific protester, who was privately educated at £45,000 a year St Mary's School in Ascot,has previously been arrested for a string of disturbances.

Shewas previously arrested for throwing Heinz soup at Van Gogh's Sunflowers in the National Gallery in central London.

In November last year she spent time in prison before being arrested again in March when she broke her bail conditions by delivering a letter to Labour MP Emily Thornberry's house.

A Just Stop Oil spokesman said: 'In normal circ*mstances, the sort of activities you've outlined would be unacceptable.

'However, what is more unacceptable is the last ten straight months of record-breaking temperatures, governments continue to allow more oil and gas drilling. Meanwhile, record rainfalls are destroying crops and farmers' lives. The situation is an emergency and we have to start acting like it.'

An undercover investigation by The Mail on Sunday in March revealed mobs ofJust Stop Oil activists plan to storm terminal buildings to hold sit-ins, glue themselves to runways and even climb on to jets to paralyse the travel industry.

The Scottish offshoot of Just Stop Oil, This Is Rigged, block the access road to Scotland's only oil refinery by sticking themselves to the ground

Eco-zealots are plotting to ruin family holidays this summer by wreaking havoc at airports across the country

Just Stop Oil co-founder Indigo Rumbelow at protests last year

Previous protests by the Just Stop Oil have included halting traffic on busy roads and vandalising paintings at the National Gallery (Pictured: Climate activists glue themselves to the feeder runway at Franz-Josef-Strauss airport in Munich, Germany in December 2022)

Blueprints for the summer of chaos – which aims to bring flights to a standstill day after day and destroy the holidays of 'ordinary people' – were unveiled at a strategy meeting of 100 hardcore campaigners in Birmingham.

At the meeting, which was attended by an undercover reporter, JSO co-founder Indigo Rumbelow was greeted by cheers as she told the audience: 'We are going to continue to resist. We're going to ratchet it up.'

Outlining a blueprint for causing travel chaos, she advocated:

● Cutting through fences and gluing themselves to runway tarmac;

● Cycling in circles on runways;

● Climbing on to planes to prevent them from taking off;

● Staging sit-ins at terminals 'day after day' to stop passengers getting inside airports.

Yesterday, Clive Wratten, of the Business Travel Association, urged JSO to reconsider the chaos and said they should join airlines and their supply industry 'in bringing forward sustainable fuels and best practices'.

He called the protests a 'blunt instrument' that 'will alienate the people who can bring the change Just Stop Oil wants'.

Tory MP for Dartford Gary Johnson called the plans dangerous and selfish. He said: 'Most people want to see the environment protected but militant, highly disruptive protests just anger those who are often just trying to enjoy a family holiday.'

Fury over Just Stop Oil's plans to ruin our summer holidays (2024)
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