Importing from China can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing sometimes. When done right, however, a successful import business from China can help you grow your business, generate an income and even change your life. In this video, I will show you CUSTOMS WORKS WHEN IMPORTING FROM CHINA and HOW TO IMPORT FROM CHINA.

After deciding which product to import from China, and finding the right supplier in China, you wonder about how to do customs clearance when importing from China.

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👉 What are the China Import Duties?
👉 How much import duty will I need to pay from China to the USA, Thailand, India, or any other country?
👉 Who will do the customs clearance?
👉 What is the paperwork for customs clearance?
👉 What is a Bill of Lading?
👉 What is a Packing List?
👉 What is a Commercial Invoice?
👉 How to calculate your customs costs?

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After deciding what products to import from china and finding suitable manufacturers, importers are often left wondering about customs clearance.

What are the china import duties? How much import duty will I need to pay from china to the usa, thailand? Or any other country? Customs clearance is a crucial part of the process to get it right? If you don't have the correct documentation, you risk having the goods stopped and checked, which will be charged to you.

And in the worst case scenario, the goods are seized or taken by customs, even if you are a new importer, you must recognize that it is your responsibility.

No one else's to ensure that you comply with the customs requirements in your country, who will do the clearance generally you or the exporter will nominate a freight forwarder company.

The freight forwarder company by default will then do customs clearance when your goods arrive at your local port as a tip.

I would advise if you are a new importer to find out who this nominated freight forwarder company is, and you will check with them for any specific legal requirements before goods are shipped paperwork in general when your shipment arrives in the country, you will need to get a bill of lading packing list and commercial invoice from your chinese exporter, all companies and individuals importing from china must present those documents to your freight forwarder company or customs clearance.


Those documents will clear customs and arrange for your goods to be delivered to you.

I will share a brief version of these documents and their importance from a customs point of view, bill of lading also known as vl.


This is a document provided by the actual shipping line.

It is confirmation that this consignment is on board the vessel.

Traditionally, the document was signed by the ship's captain to confirm that your goods are on the boat, the bill of lading acts as the title to the legal owner of the goods on the bill of lading.

There is a shipper and the konsini, the bill of lading also states information about the goods.

Important from china, like the way cubic meter volume and export and import port.

Finally, in simple terms, a bill of lading has two statuses a bill of lading is either surrenderant or not surrenderant.

Once the shipper has collected all the money from the konzini at that point, they will contact the shipping line and release the bill of lading.

If the bill of lading is not surrendered, the goods cannot be cleared through customs.

It is done so that the consignee can pay a deposit on goods, but not have to pay the balance of goods until they have confirmation from the shipping line that they are on board, the boat packing list.

The packing place tells customs what you have imported what products what quantities and how many boxes customs have right to cross-check this information with the information on the bill of lading and the commercial invoice.

Suppose there are any discrepancies between any of these documents.

In that case you are going to raise a red flag with customs that something is wrong commercial invoice.

A commercial invoice is critical from a customs and tax perspective, importing goods into your country will generally be subjected to tax and duties.

Your imported goods will be taxed based on the value of the commercial invoice.

You present it to your customs broker who uses this value to declare values to customs.

For example, if your import goods are valued at ten thousand us dollar fob value.

You paid one thousand u.s dollar for freight.

Evaluated tax is ten percent.

And the duty on your product is five percent.

Typically the calculation will look like this.

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If the goods that you're importing cost less than $800, they are not subject to duty or taxes (with the exception of goods like alcohol and tobacco). In order to figure out how to calculate import duty from China to the U.S., you need to know your product's HTS classification.

How can I import from China to USA? ›

Importing requirements
  1. Entry manifest (CBP Form 7533) or Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery (CBP Form 3461)
  2. Evidence of right to make entry.
  3. A commercial invoice or a proforma invoice.
  4. Packing lists.
  5. Proof of import license or permit (if your goods require it)
Mar 24, 2022

How can I avoid customs charges from China to USA? ›

If the goods that you're importing cost less than $800, they are not subject to duty or taxes (with the exception of goods like alcohol and tobacco). In order to figure out how to calculate import duty from China to the U.S., you need to know your product's HTS classification.

Do I need a customs broker to import from China? ›

There is no legal requirement for you to hire a Customs Broker to clear your goods. However, many importers opt to do so for the convenience. Customs Brokers are licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to conduct CBP business on behalf of importers.

Do I need an import licence to import from China? ›

If your goods fall under the surveillance control, make sure you obtain a licence before trying to import your goods from China. Find out more about if you need a licence and how to get one from the Department for International Trade.

How do I get an import permit in China? ›

You should apply for your import license to MOFCOM (the Ministry of Commerce). The authority is responsible for issuing new regulations related to foreign direct investments, exports, imports, and trade. Keep in mind that your importer should manage the application to receive an import license.

Do I need import license to import to USA? ›

In most cases, you will not need a license to import goods into the U.S. But for some items, agencies may require a license, permit, or other certification. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforces import laws at U.S. ports of entry. CBP's Tips for New Importers and Exporters provides an overview.

What is the best shipping method from China to USA? ›

Using an international courier, also known as express freight is generally more reliable and quicker than by mail, whether it's DHL, UPS or TNT. As a rule of thumb, at about $5 per kilo, express freight is the cheapest shipping mode for packages or small shipments up to about 150 kg.

How do I avoid custom charges? ›

Unfortunately, there's no legal way to avoid import duty—if the duty is owed, someone has to pay it.

How much customs will I pay in USA? ›

The amount of import tax and duties to be paid depends on the country from which the goods are imported. Duty tax rates are between 0 to 37.5% with the typical rate being 5.63%. A flat rate of 3% applies to e-commerce purchases that are in excess of the US import tax threshold limits.

How much is customs fee from China? ›

Now, we can figure out the import duty and total import tax, which is calculated by the following formulae: Customs Duty = customs value * customs duty rate / imported quantity * customs duty rate. MPF Fee = commercial value * 0.3464% (not less than $27.2 and more than $528.33) HMF Fee = commercial value * 0.125%

Does China customs check every package? ›

Do customs open every package to verify information? No, customs officers will not open up your package or packages without good reason. Every package is put through a scanner machine, or an x-ray machine, to verify that the items you are shipping match your customs forms.

Do I have to pay import tax from China to us? ›

You'll need to pay customs duty (or import tax) on any goods you move across the US border from China, though goods from some countries are exempt due to different international trade agreements. The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforces customs rules.

Do I need a sourcing agent in China? ›

Negotiations become easier when you have a sourcing agent since they speak the local language. They are aware of Chinese culture and customs. Hence, negotiations with sourcing agents are quicker and more efficient.

What happens if you don't have a customs broker? ›

If you do not have a customs broker in place at the time of shipping, you will be contacted directly by UPS or FedEx to make the arrangements – thus resulting in a delay for the delivery.

What is the best site to import from China? ›

The top 9 Chinese wholesale websites include, DHgate,, CJ Wholesale, Made in China, Global Sources, China Wholesale, Yiwu Market, and others.

What is the cheapest way to get goods from China? ›

Alibaba is the best website you can buy cheap products from China directly. With Alibaba, you can buy a bulk product at an affordable price. If you want to buy a single item, you can negotiate with the supplier to order a sample. Also, you can contact supplyia to help you buy a sample from China and send it to you.

How do you get China to make a product for you? ›

Find a Product Manufacturing Company

The first step is to find a Chinese mass production company that can produce your product. There are several ways to do this - you can do internet research, ask for referrals, or attend trade shows. The internet is the most common way to find a manufacturing company - but be aware!

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